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Default Re: 415 chain what else fits?

Originally Posted by Rileyk View Post
No, Its not the width, is the gap between teeth on the sprocket, the 410 goes about 4 links then comes off, it need bigger gap between links.?

I know it doesn't appear to be the width; but it is...both 410 and 415 chain have the same pitch. The 410 is narrower in-between the plates so a 410 chain will not fully seat on a 415 sprocket...this gives the impression that the pitch is wrong. The 410 chain is .125" between the plates...the 415 is .187". I make my 415 chain sprockets .165-.170" thick at the teeth. The 410 sprockets are .115".

PM your address, and I will send you a replacement sprocket that has been thinned down for 410 chain. This is becomming a fairly common thing...The Chinese keep me on my toes all the time with change-ups. I'm assuming you have a Grubee Kit?

Don't worry...the fix is on the way. I have Micargi sprockets for the 68 spoke wheels here at the shop...It takes less than 5 minutes to thin one down.

I wouldn't worry about the engine sprocket. If your kit came with 410 chain, then it will fit the engine sprocket.

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