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Default Re: New Staton axle mounted kits

I looked into a friction but decided to go with a chain. It costs more up front but there's no extra tire wear, it works when wet, it freewheels, no roller to replace and if you look in the forums you have to replace the clutch bell too when you replace the roller, or you have to take the assembly to a machine shop to get the clutch bell off the roller. In the long run the chain drive is cheaper without all the friction drawbacks.

BTW, the rack mount chain kit is a little cheaper on ebay and with Bing and Ebates cashback you can save a lot over the website price. I saved over $100. Ebates has double cashback at one or more sites daily. If you're not in a hurry and want to save more you can wait for ebay to be double again. The sites change daily so you would have to check every day. Staton likes to play with prices too, sometimes the shipping is free and sometimes it isn't. The price also fluctuates.

Yes, it's definitely worth the price if you want a quality kit that will last with a smooth ride. You won't find anything better. I've got well over 1000 miles on my kit with nothing more than oil changes and chain lube and I have the original rear tire with at least 1/3 of the tread still left.

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