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Default Re: Ever get a flat? What do you do?

It may sound odd at first - but I don't even bother with patches. I have them ofc - but I carry a spare tube, a mini-pump, an adj. wrench, and a hunk of 1/4" rope (which is obv a multitool).

When the front tire goes (not "if" lol) it's easy peasy, but still there's the problem of not being able to flip the bike over... the rear wheel only more of an issue 'cause ya can't just set it down.

Thus - the rope I'll wander over to a handy tree, chuck the rope over a branch and suspend the bike, now it's just dealing with the greasy (there's a rag in the kit too ofc)

oh right - a chain breaking tool haz been added to the kit heh, just in case...

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