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Default Sprocket spacing on old coaster brake hub?

Hi- new to the forum. Have browsed the site, but none of the fixes seem to work with this problem.
I just received my BGF kit this week and started with mounting the sprocket. This is on on old 60's
Otasco 26 inch cruiser with a Shimano "D" type coaster brake, which is in excellent condition. With the lever arm off and dust cap removed, if I lay the sprocket flush to the spokes with no rubber installed and install the brake lever arm back on the flats of the bearing cone, there is absolutely no clearance between the sprocket and the inside surface of the arm, just a shear, rub fit. If I install the t rubber shim (.300 thick) between the sprocket and the spokes I will come up about .300" plus some clearance short, for the brake lever arm to seat on the square flats of the left bearing cone. I can
only see making a special spacer about a half inch thick which would fit over the flats of the cone
on one side and have raised flats on the outside to engage the flat/hole in the brake arm. Then bend as necessary to clear the bolt heads. My question is, does anyone make such a part to shim out the arm where it will clear the sprocket with the rubber spacer installed? Probably not your typical modern coaster brake. Or is there a better way!--Regards--James Parker in Wichita
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