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Originally Posted by AnthonyX99 View Post
Hey guys been awhile since I posted here. The back of the engine, the studs pretty much snapped and I can't tap it because there's no space at all I need a m7 stud and thats not going to work. Now for my question if I applied Jb wield to the engine and stuck the spacer on it along with the new steel pipe I'll be using I'll be using it on the pipe as well, Will JB wield be able o take the vibrations and not crack or just fail all together?
Boy oh boy, Anthony. In case you didn't notice, JB mentioned around here is like calling someone's mom a colorful term! With that out of the way, I've had a lot of success with JB STIK and similar products. NOT THE 2 LIQUID TUBES. I've had success with the liquid, when used for it's purpose, but the stick putty type work great, again, for their purpose. I will have to agree that JB, in most cases, should not be used for a permanent repair in this type of application. You are asking for failure and wasted time. I will use it in a split second to do a quick fix for something temporary or some not so important fabbing, like rear view mirror mounts or something. Just my $.02. Best of luck getting it repaired.
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