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Default re: How to repaint a bike frame

Originally Posted by chrisE View Post
if the frame is pretty rusted, or you just wanna strip the frame a vinegar soak for a couple of days followed by a wire brush is a pretty good and safe way to strip. look for my post in the board tracker section to see results i posted a video too. you can also go to of which i am also a member they have a lot of info on bike restoration
Nice tip on the vinegar. How do you get it to stay on the frame while it is soaking? I was thinking maybe something like vinegar soaked paper towels or cloth and then wrapped in plastic to keep it from drying. Vinegar is pretty cheap and environmentally friendly... cool. I've used it for cleaning other things and can testify that it does act as a kind of solvent. My brother uses it in his antique shop on things like glazed pottery which has been stained on the inside. Takes the stains right out after a few days' soak.
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