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A motorized bicycle is a bicycle with an attached motor used to power the vehicle, or to assist with pedaling. Sometimes classified as a motor vehicle, or a class of hybrid vehicle, motorized bicycles may be powered by different types of engines.

Motorized bicycles are distinguished from motorcycles by being capable of being powered by pedals alone if required.[citation needed] The actual usage of the pedals varies widely according to the type of vehicle. Some can be propelled by the motor alone if the rider chooses not to pedal. Those known as mopeds mostly have pedals for emergency use or because of legal requirements and these are not normally used. Those known as power-assist bikes have the pedals as the main form of propulsion with the motor used to give a bit of extra power, especially uphill. Many motorized bicycles are based on standard bicycle frame designs and technologies, although the modifications to the design to support motorization may be extensive.

In countries where there is a strong bicycle culture (notably in Asia), the motorized bicycle is particularly popular; in 1996 Shanghai had 370,000 motorized bicycles and 470,000 other vehicles.
from Wikipedia
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