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Default i am new to this thing and have a motor question/

Hi everyone, I'm Jeff From Bend oregon. My girl just got a Bare Bones (spookytooth) Bike with the 80cc engine. We are only about one tank of gas into the break in. Now the bike runs really good but it seems to jerk a little bit when i throttle up like its bogging down. after running it a bit it still does it but then when i get on it for a sec the motor seems to stop doing it and then it seems to sorta ""plain out if you will"" and sounds really good. when i back off a bit it wants to jerk a little bit and kinda bog again. I hope i am explaing this right...maybe this has happened to one of you. I was thinking about trying to move the needle in the carb up or down a notch to see if it works. not really sure on witch way to go. It was tuned before shipping in Tuson Az. I live in Bend Oregon at about 3200 feet above sae level. what should i do? of is this normal during the break in? thanks, Jeff
p.s. The spooky tooth bike i wanted was out of stock for like a few months so i bought a bad ass beach cruiser and ordered the 80cc motor kit to put in it. I shouls be getting it around the 29th. I cant wait. i'll just ride hers till mine shows up....
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