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Default Making an efficient commute, and living to tell the tale

I am a welding student at the local community college. Until now I have been less than happy making the expensive (to me) commute to and from my place of education. It turns out a project designed by a fellow student was all that was needed to turn my thinking around. We were asked to make around town bike racks from scrap... Bikes I thought? Is that even feasible for me? No way, unless... And long story short, I have come to you, all of you, in search of answers. I have heard that a motorized bicycle can reach 35-40 mph, this is easily believable, but how is the handling at this speed? While not a land speed record, 35 mph is a little fast to be without breaks, do the stock breaks work better than one would guess? If not, what do I need to install to fix this, um, hazard? So Ive(hypothetically) gotten a big ol engine installed on my bike, does it even function with pedals anymore or are they purely an artistic display of my nonconformity? Can I still pedal and coast as before? What I would like(and this may just not exist) is a bike, ridable under human power, that can be propelled by an engine to the blinding speed of 35 mph without throwing me like an overeager bronco throws a small child expecting a pony ride, able to stop with relative ease, and still be able to fill up at the local gas station. What do I need to reach the goal of my dream transportation? You all have been a great help. Yes even you "Anonymous" calling me dumb, even you.
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