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Default pulled the string

Well I am new here but have been lurking for a few weeks. I got interested in this hobby if you like to call it that after seening a few bikes while down in Key West a few weeks ago. Kind of brought back memories of my younger days. I just pulled the string on buying a Grubbe 48cc from one of the vendors here for a project. I am not sure what way I am going to go just yet with this. I have a Giant Cypress that has been hanging in the garage for two years so I am leaning that way for now but I sure like the Crusers to. Have checked out alot of the bikes on here and the Point Beach and Del Mar catch my eye. One question for now since I have not started my project that might make me change directions is how hard is it to get the HB grips off of a bike like the Giant and do the shifting grips have to come off to in order to put the clutch leaver and throtle grip on?
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