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Default Re: Simulated Break In Period

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
i break in all my bikes the way i ride them. basically full throttle. i do take the time to clean up the motors before even running them, though. like porting the intake and exhaust, cleaning up the transfer case ports, etc...

it's a little more work, but it pays off.

my first bike, i tried to baby it for the first day, then couldn't take it anymore, and just rode it flat out. the motor still works great after 1500 miles or so.

and seriously, if you run your bike stationary for 30 minutes at a time, letting it cool down, then doing it again, you might as well get a pack of smokes and spend a day raging around town...
Just going off what King's Motorbikes said

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
Vary the throttle amount and engine RPM and no long downhill runs with the throttle closed.
That is all, ride it.
Again it seems like King's was waaaaay off about break in period. Sounds like many of the members just rode their MB's like normal and it eventually broke in, increased power etc...
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