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Default re: How to repaint a bike frame

Another tip - don't get too attached to any one coat as ya can jus' sand it a bit and do it again... Murphy's Law dictates that the harder ya try for perfection the more likely ya'll mess it up somehow heh

With the wax thing - ya only wanna do that ifn yer 100% convinced it's "perfect" and the last yer gonna paint it as you're contaminating the heck outa the surface with the wax. I only mentioned wax as an alternative to the troublesome clearcoats - I don't use either TBH. Should ya decide the super-shiny is too hard to resist and go ahead and wax yer bike (which is ossum too), if ya wanna re-paint it it could be a nightmare to try and "clean" the wax off by just sanding and/or acetone as both just smear it around and don't clean wax very well - the better the wax the tougher it is... that's it's job after all. If ya hunt around a bit there's some handy & really good de-waxing solvent available, used mostly for prepping boat hulls for paint (gelcoat has wax embedded in it), check any local marinas for the good stuff or include "hull" as a keyword in a google search. There's stuff available for cars too - it just isn't quite as good... it'll work tho.

Although I try and paint my bike as spiffy as I can - I'm well aware that as much as I ride, the paint job is somewhat "disposable" and no matter how careful I am, it's gonna get all messed up pretty quick. With that thought in mind I detail high-wear areas (rear rack, dropouts, chain guard, etc) with a different color semi-gloss which hides imperfections better and is easy to "touch up" as needed. As I use a semi-gloss black to do this on my bike I can cheat even more and use a quality paint marker for those lil touch-ups (fasteners marred frm workin' on the bike etc.), it's a heck of a lot simpler than breakin' out the rattle-can and maskin' off everythin' for one lil spot.

Ifn ya ride a lot then yer prolly lookin' at tearin' the bike down in the winter for a quick repaint, gotta have it lookin' sweet come springtime right?
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