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Default Rack-mount engine. Who/What/Where???

I've had an awful time trying to Google a site that has actual info about these rear mount engines, in terms of products available, specifications, illustrations etc. Gebe gets a bunch of unrelated sites, and Stanton seems to get everything except bicicle engines.....I want manufacture's details!!! And I want HIGH QUALITY AND DEPENDABILITY!!!!

The reason I'm interested, is that after the chengine died in more ways than one and I'll never ever get one of those again, combined with the pickup crashing into the bus destroying my pedal-bike up front and I may just be getting an insurance check for the lost bike (Could be about $500), I need to decide where to go from here.

I'm debating between a folding bike I can take on the bus, with electric drive maybe good for the 4 miles to home for $600....or a higher-than-chengine-quality rear mount engine ($500?) setup for my other mountain bike.

I'm leaning heavily towards the independence of gas-drive, and really want 4-stroke, and REALY REALLY don't want to get stranded again!!!!
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