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Default Re: Greetings from Colorado

Originally Posted by Skyliner70cc View Post
Spend a little extra money and get a rack mounted 4 stroke engine. The 2 stroke engine can be reliable but only with extensive minor tweaks that most only learn from bad experiences.
Honestly I don't mind tweaking to get things working properly. I know my way around a motor pretty well (though, 2-strokes are new to me). Not to mention I'm reading all this stuff, so I should have an idea of the needed tweaks up front

My only real issue with the Titan is that for that price, I could just buy a used 150cc or 50cc moped and call it a day. I'm attracted to the china kits because of price.

Cruiser, are Dax's kits any different from the multitude of other kits that are all the same? Or is it just same stuff, different price, better service?
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