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Originally Posted by Nashville Kat View Post
Hate to be the skeptic-

but i'm not a big fan of old bikes-

alloy 26" rims have been common since the '80's and strong enough- much lighter.

And the modern oversized tubing frame is much lighter too, and plenty strong-

if it's not, maybe you should just try a dirtbike.

Overall a modern cruiser is much much lighter than an old pig irom welded frame with steel rims-

These little motors have that much less to pull then.
If speed isn't an issue with your builds....does it not make sense to go with a "tank" ?...Not to mention durability if and when some dumba** nails you turning right in front of you....whereas the aluminum bikes are lighter....they simply can not compare to the solidity of a steel's that simple....but to each their collective own....

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