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Default Re: "Firecracker" Pipe

Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
Just remember, the louder these bikes are, the quicker the law enforcers will crack down on them. Soon after that, the local complainers will get a very annoying law passed that could very well ban MB's in your local area due to noise complaints.
Think it won't happen? It's happening right now in the auto tuner and motorcycle realms as we speak.
Yes, This is true for some parts of the country and I Thank You for bringing the issue up. I live in the sticks so its not that big of an issue for me. I put this pipe together just to see what it would do, otherwise it was going in the trash can and I didn't want to waste the opportunity to see what would happen with a shorter stock pipe. On the contrary the argument that "...loud pipes save lives..." is still prevalent in motorcycle realms. So I can see both sides of the issue. I would suggest that all motorized bicycle riders use considerate discretion in regards to the amount of noise the engine produces.
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