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Default Re: the best 49cc engine

I've had both two different "no name" 66cc's and two Grubee 66s (not all my builds tho)... all purchased before I figured out the dealer reputation thang (oops)

Other than some minor variance in what was included with the kit - there's very little difference... the Grubee having only slightly better "accessories" like the twist grip... which in all honesty is still garbage lol

The thing is no matter how "good" one brand is supposed to be over another, all have about an equal chance of being a dud, having shipping damage or simply being the wrong one. This is where dealer rep comes into play - it's all fine and good should you get a supposedly awesome brand ofn some random ebay distributor, but should you find some part overlooked or flawed - yer just screwed. Yet some of the better vendors are more than happy to go way outa their way to help their customers, doing whatever it takes to get 'em on the road, some even spending countless hours here - helpin' people figure out everythin' from strangest of issues to the most mundane.

For a mere $10-20 difference or so - ya get those guys on yer "team", I'd say that's FAR more important than w/e sticker is on the side lol (I peel 'em off anyways)

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