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Default Re: 80cc Mystery

Originally Posted by MrLarkins View Post
I will also mix a new back of fuel, 20:1 (real quick, how many gallons of gas is that to 8 oz or oil?)

what brand of synthetic should I be using? best?
Originally Posted by Wheel Rush View Post
Mr. Right,

I am not a mathamatician nor a mechanic to speak of, but I

am thinking 128 oz Divided by 20 = 6.4

so 1/20th would be 6.4 ?

Right ?
I am not a mathmatician either so I use a calculator lol. I believe though, I entered the figures correctly. He has 8oz of oil and wants it mixed 20:1. So
8 x 20 = 160 or 1 gallon and 1 quart 128 + 32 = 160. Correct? Sorry if I calculated wrong.....
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