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Default Re: Different Style Tanks?

Just to update everyone on the pagsta tank... i ordered what was supposed to be a 14mm petcock... actually came a different size. Treats seems to be the only place with it being the right size but they're all out. A awesome dude at the local auto parts place helped me rig it up.


2 small hose clamps
a few inches of thick rubber hose (must fit on tank bung tightly)
a brass adapter from your petcock to male hose connection (they had this behind the counter somewhere)

The tank bung has a pretty good length of thread to clamp the hose onto... clamp it tight with a hose clamp.
Thread your petcock onto the brass adapter (if you are able to find one).
Use the last hose clamp to secure the petcock adapter to the hose.

I wrapped the hose clamps and few inches of hose in some electric tape to finish it off. Because this method left the petcock sitting pretty low... I used a zip tie to pull the petcock closer to the top tube of the frame, making sure not to put a kink in the hose. I'll attach a pic of how it looks!

p.s. I do plan on eventually getting the right petcock... this just worked for now...
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