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Default re: How to remove your Coaster Brake Arm on your Motorized Bicycle

install the sprocket, and reverse the procedure.

if you don't run the dust cap, your hub's life will be shortened, and if it fails, your life may be shortened, too.

also, you NEED the coaster brake arm. if you think you'll just put it together without it, your brake won't work, and your face will look like road pizza when your hub seizes up.

when your arm's back on and tight, wiggle it up and down and check for free play. you don't want any.

pick your wheel up by the axles and spin it in your hands.

if the axle turns with the wheel, it's too tight, which is also bad.

both of these conditions will lead to a short life for your hub.

if there is either of these conditions, you need to adjust the cones. this is easiest from the other side, IF you have cone wrenches.

there is the cone nut and the outer, lock-down nut. you need to loosen these up, then tighten the cone nut by hand till the wheel has NO freeplay, yet spins easily. it's possible, trust me.

then tighten the cone nut just a little bit more so there's some drag, and put the outer nut on.

you need to hold both wrenches and tighten them together. 99 times out of 100, the cone nut will move against the outer nut, that's why i had you tighten it to get some drag.

check for freeplay again, and if it's good, put it on the bike.
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