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Default Re: Tell me I'm not a GENIUS! Lol

And here's a red installed. Neither one of these lights are charged right now. I'm getting little bursts of visible lights if I turn it off and on again. When the sun comes up, I'll set the bike outside and charge em up, I'll likely get better pics after that.

For those who are curious, It's pretty much just twine holding these puppies on there. Lol. I have found that it comes it handy when used properly. It looks ghetto, I know, but I was recently stopped by the cops, and they said I need to be way more visable. So, this is one of those ways I'll be visible. lol. I'm installing reflectors all around next. (I removed them all long before the engine was put on this bike.)

So, there ya have it folks. Lol. Another Addicted Creation. LMFAO. Hope you had fun! Lol.
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