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Default Tell me I'm not a GENIUS! Lol

Ha Ha Ha, So my creativity strikes again! I had neons on my bike, as some of you remember, but they were the interior car ones, and weren't very bright. So I got the "Bright" idea to get something that will not need my lunky 12v battery, and will also light the pavement underneath me, defining a "my zone" on the road at night. This is a proven tactic, and the down low glo neon company defines this. I don't want to pay that much for neons however. Here's my idea. Ha ha.

Went to XS Cargo, a store selling cheap things that are discontinued or refurbished.

I bought solar powered lawn lights. The kind you line your garden with, they charge all day, then light your garden at night. (Like Moonrays)

I fiddled and fiddled with what I could do with either the solar panels... (Charge my 12v?)
I fiddled with the idea of a solar powered headlight.... (I don't have white, only red and green)
I fiddled with the "neon" possibilities, and put the positioned the light where I'd think it's best.
The ground lit up nicely!
I fiddled with a way to mount the light.
I fiddled with where to put a light.

As you might be able to tell, I fiddled a lot with this. Lol. I don't have many things to use, and I don't have many tools besides the basics. I don't have much hardware. (screws, nuts and bolts)

I finally found the light's home, and how to nest it there. Lol.

Are you curious yet? Would you like to know what I've done? Lol

Well, I'm gonna tell you. Ha ha.

I used a schwinn chopper mirror that I bought earlier for like 90 cents. The mirror fell out while I was riding, it couldn't take the vibrations of the motorbicycle. So, I literally pulled the old mirror out of the trash bin where I threw it yesterday, and sized it up. I figured out how to do it, I sure did. Lol, here are some pics of my creative, yet ghetto solar powered ground effects on my motorbicycle.


Hope you guys like this one! Ha ha.
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