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Default Noob in michigan

Hello I'm new to the forum. I live in michigan where it's freakin cold pretty much all the time except for when its searing hot. I just finished building a chopper bike with a grube 66/80cc engine. I'm not sure as for the rules that I can post a question this early on but... I have... it seems... everything properly hooked up and the bike starts so well that i can kick start it. The problem is that it doesnt seem to react to throttling it up or down and when the clutch is engaged (handle lever is squized) the engine revs very high. Ive taken apart the carb and checked that the floater is indeed moving all the way up and as far down as the idle screw allows. I have made sure that the manifold is tight to the engine with a gasket and ive used teflon tape to cover the manifold where the carb attaches. I do not think that there are any air leaks. I do currently have the air filter off because of space issues but i have a shorter intake manifold in the mail. Ideas?
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