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Default Re: Mounting a Chain Tensioner

Originally Posted by Ulysys View Post
I've seen a few bikes that have a screw through the tensioner bracket and chainstay tube, and it seems like it would be fine. I would jsut make sure it wasn't too big of a screw so you don't compromise the strength of the chainstay.

I don't suggest doing what I did with my bike by accident, which was tightening the bracket so much that I pinched the chainstay tube . It worked and the bike still seemed sturdy enough, but don't do it .
LOL Ulysys. I have done that and worse. Reshaped a down tube with a mallet, relocated a muffler to clear the crank with steel toed boots an' many more. Some times ya really do just need a bigger hammer.

...But don't do it! snork
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