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Default Re: Pull Start for 80cc chinese engine

Originally Posted by hiker472 View Post
The pawl.....never would have guessed the name of that!

Mine broke, but it wasn't from not having the clutched thoroughly just decided it had enough life and went Kapluwee!

I made a copy of it using two large washers, held together with two pin-type things I got off an old chainsaw, and ground down the washers to the replica plastic one. I suppose if someone had a welder, it'd be a better way to make one, but I don't. I just laid the plastic pawl on the washer, traced it, and ground it. I drilled a hole for each pin and pounded them in and ground those where I needed them. That thing will last longer than the bike, I bet!

I think pvc would work pretty good too. What did you use for the pins? Maybe plastic rod just glued in? That would work.
I totally agree, it does not take opperator error for this part(pawl as I see it, do not know the actual part discription). Yes I used Pvc pins turned down in a lathe. The method that you described would be easier for me(as I have the equipment) but did not occur to me at the time. Welding the 5/16" nub and pins would have been easy. However I knew that BGF was sending me a replacemrnt part, so I just made it out of the first material that came to mind. I have pull starts on all my engines and just ordered another one. I do not always use them but they are there if I want too. As I remember the part that the pawl fits into is also plastic So as I always state when ever the pull start subject comes up, remember to hold that clutch in and avoid possiable trouble.
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