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Default G'day, newbie here

Hi new here,
I have just recieved my Zbox 66 kit and well I was going to put it on an electra cruizer bike, but now I am thinking about getting a mountain bike to put it on instead. **** I might just get another bike and another kit, checked out grubee skyhawks cheaper than the zbox after I already bought it.

I have information overload after reading so much tech stuff that I think I am going out of my mind. Either way the bikes primary initial useage is getting from point A to point B and back via a dirt road of dubious quality to the coast for a spot of fishing with overnight camps. To any aussies reading this it's inskip point and area near fraser island if you are into good camping spots you will know where I am.

I also might decide to ride it from one end of the country to the other, just for the **** of it one day. Why not eh? Might make a good youtube adventure lol

Its just going to be stock, I am not going to be doing any mods on it after thinking it over, just propper tuning etc. thanks guys and girls, thats my intro.

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