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Originally Posted by HseLoMein View Post
a) clutch plate flower nut, makes sure the chutch plate and the clutch pads connect. you should see the flower nut and a retaining screw. undo the retaining screw and tigheted the flower nut1 or 2 turns to the right (remember righty tighty, lefty loosey). this will pull the clutch plate closer to the clutch pads, so there will be more pressure from the spring and give the clutch more grip.

b) the absolute worse thing that could happen, is you losen it to much and really have slipping issues or tighten it too much and you can no loneger disengage your clutch.

you may just want to take the flower nut off and take a look at how the cliutch works. its pretty nifty.
Partly true.

I have state in the forums many times the flower nut does not adjust clutch spring tension.

The tension is adjusted by the collar on the shaft inside the case. The flower nut adjusts the region of engagement or the distance between the drive and drive plates. If you get this distance too close, you will have a quick to engage grabby clutch, too far (I mean EXTREMELY TOO FAR) and you may have a slipping clutch. 99.999% if the pressure on the clutch plate is from the primary spring inside the case.

In your case, LOOSENING the flower nut would likely do more to cure a clutch that won't dis-engage.

Am I confused now?
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