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Question Re: welders

Originally Posted by Norman View Post
I bought a Century wire feed welder at Wally world uses Lincoln flux core wire 0.035 dia.
It works good only down side is you are more likely to have burn through holes when welding thin gauge metal. Something else is the weld will need cleaned as the flux core wire is messy. It will have slag and splatters that will need to be cleaned off.
I prefer O/A gas welding for the thin stuff.
For the price of the Harbor freight welders when on sale you can't beat the price. I don't think you will see a professional welder using one to make a living. But for the hobbyist welder they should be good.
X2.... After cleaning off the flux the welds actually look pre damn good.....And as far as burn through , ya just can`t make a long weld on the thinner stuff....I just welded an intake tube and I just did a bunch of little tacks all around it then looked for any pin holes and touched on them a little.....NO, deffinetly not to be a welder to make your living off of....But for $179 you can`t go wrong for weekend stuff......
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