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Default Re: Find a Dealer & Review

Id like to appoligize to Pirate cycles. My name is Keith Jacobson with Boost Bottle Industries, I am the owner. He made orders months ago trying to keep his stock up to date. It was no fault of his that he ran out of stock. I made several promises to him that he would have his product and failed to meet my deadlines. He was on my case day after day to get his product to him... He is a very respectable business man and has always gotten his orders in to me early as to keep stock on hand. It is no fault of his that he was not able to meet his order obligations. He even asked for me to drop ship a couple orders just to keep his customers happy. I know customer service is his #1 priority. Please hold me responsible for any orders of boost bottles that may have been delayed due to our poor customer service.... Again my appologies!
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