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Default Re: Pull Start for 80cc chinese engine

Originally Posted by hiker472 View Post
It is interesting here to note that Boygofast now has an updated pull start that comes with a metal catcher(Not sure what that part is called) instead of the crappy plastic one.

I may just have to get that as a spare.
I will assume that the "catcher" is the plastic pawl that engages the lugs on the shaft cup. If you forget to hold the clutch in when starting, the pawl has a short life. This happened to me on my first pull start.(Got three starts before failure). BGF did replace free, because they had some on hand.
I had already fabbed one from PVC(and am still using it). A metal one would be better!
Despite what people say about these cheap kits, if you pay attention you will notice they are slowly(too thier credit)making improvements.

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