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Default Hello from Kansas! :D

Hi all! I'm a newbie to this board and thought I'd pop in and say hello! I first found out about motorbikes a couple of years ago but was living in a very non pedestrain/bicycle friendly town so I didn't bother building a bike.

Well, I moved to a small town in Kansas (Pittsburg, in the SE corner of the state) which has quite a few students so bikes are pretty common. I bought a kit from SpookyTooth and a bike off craigslist for $35. I got a wider handlebar, new brakes, new tubes and tires, a new seat, and assembled the kit onto the bike.

I built the bike in my teeny tiny apartment over winter break and had a chance to try it out after the weather warmed up and I've been putting around town on it every chance I get since

I get tons of looks and a few comments so far as I put around town. I've had to tweak the brakes a couple of times and I fell over once and tweaked my front wheel on some rail road tracks but otherwise my adventures around town have been fairly un-eventful.

All told, I probably have $250-300 in the bike with the motor, bike, and new parts and I'd say its been well worth it. I still need to rig up a lighting system, add some storage (old army ammo cans over the rear tire, methinks), and disassemble and repaint the frame. I'm also thinking about adding a springer front fork setup as going over bumps on a solid fork sucks.

Anyway, onto pictures of my setup!

EDIT: Ok... apparently I can't post image tags until I'm an "active" member, so I guess I'll just have to post some more before anyone gets to see my project :P
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