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Default Re: Find a Dealer & Review


I'm sorry.. I take business very serious. Your out of stock Boost Bottle was not taken lightly on this end, thats for sure. It is very rare as I stated in my email to you. I relayed my stresses onto my supplier. I can only try to remedy the situation with a email until my stock replenishes itself. Its all I can do.

New stock has been re-ordered and paid for well over 45 days now. I expected it allot sooner. My supplier XXXXXXX has suffered from ailments out of my reach, in turn me and my boost bottle customers have suffered as well. The manufacturer itself has been out of stock on these.

You are right it should have been marked out of stock until new stock arrived.
(No Excuses!) If you look and see it now has. I am truly sorry!! I do care.

The only thing I @ Pirate Cycles can do to show you that I care about the e-commerce business is to give you your Boost Bottle Free Of Charge!! I have yet to charge you for the boost bottle due to its current Out of Stock status anyway...

I received a email WED that My entire order of Boost Bottles shipped out to me. I will in turn ship immediately to you as promised. Should be Today.

Sincerely Concerned,
Pirate Cycles
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