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Default Re: Find a Dealer & Review

I'm building my first motorized bicycle and have bought many parts from different sources. I will list the suppliers as well as my experience with each. Unfortunately since these are my first and possibly last purchases from these companies I can only post my experience so far with each.
1. Spookytooth- poopoo exhaust, cns carb, chrome covers.....all came exactly as advertised,perfect condition, prompt shipping.
2. nirve headlight, advertised, perfect condition, prompt shipping.
3. pirate cycles- boost bottles.....received email a few days after order that what I payed for they do not have and when they get them from thier supplier then I get my order. poor experience so far!
4. chubbyscustomcruisers- stretch cruiser......received confirmation of my payment and thats it so far. no expectation date - ship info- or any other normal type business practices as of yet. This is a semi custom item so I'm not concerned yet and will post updates on experience.
5. manicmechanic- sprocket with adapter- same as above no info except "thanx for the money" this too is semi custom so I dont expect it in a few days. Just concerned by what I've read on here about Jims back orders and not receiving any info to ease my mind.
6. bikeberry- 68cc black motor, chain, masterlink.....good communication as far as order status, order shipping/tracking. I received my order quickly and in good condition.......only problem is my motor came in raw when I ordered it in black. I sent them an email letting them know about the mistake and am waiting for a response will update later

so all in all I'm finding that many companies have a terrible understanding of e-commerce and the way it should be. I have many hobbies such as snowboarding, paintballing, and a mini chopper build under my belt and have used the internet for a majority of my purchases. Manicmechanic is the only one I excuse from this due to his self ran custom parts business. The rest of them need to step up and be abit more professional if they want to succeed in an e-commerce economy. ie. shipping confirmations/tracking, updating web page info to match your stock, confirm items being shipped to be correct.
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