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Default Re: loose clutch = useless bike

alright, i tightened the flower nut... bike is running great and like new. i originally loosened too much (well i think to much) because when i dropped the clutch it wasn't catching enough to start the engine every time. so i went back in and tightened until it was catching when i dropped the clutch (enough to start) and then i went and tightened the clutch arm so it was running smoothly... after about 3 attempts i got the flower nut tightened perfectly and the clutch arm tightened appropriately so i am now able to use the clutch lock on the handle and be in neutral and as soon as i drop the clutch it catches like a champ!

will keep everyone up to date, but i think this was the final fix to the problem, BIKE IS RUNNING BETTER AND SMOOTHER THAN EVER. thanks to everyone and i hope this answers others questions as well.
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