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Default Re: gas tank pressure question

Very BAD idea.
Imagine the bike sitting in the sun for a while, pressure builds up and splits the tank, it blows fuel onto someone passing by, they sue you, the EPA comes knocking on your door............ Or, you go to start your motor and after you open the petcock, the engine floods instantly. Your tank held though.
One time at work, i was tossing some PVC pipe into the dumpseter but it was too long. So I thought- smash it on the ground and it will break in half. Boy- did it break - into a zillion bits that I had to pick up.
What I am saying is the stuff is fragile when a sharp blow hits it. Do you really want a tank made of it? Any kind of metal would be better. And put a vent or vent cap on it- a very tiny hole will do!
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