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Default Re: Here is a great way to eliminate a need for a chain tensioner

camlifter, you are definetly right. This application wouldn't work with coaster brakes. On a mountain bike with this set up v- brakes work well.

It sounds like you understand the first half of my concept. That is you get how the hub works, when the hub is rotated the whole wheel moves allowing you to tension the engine chain. The second part I think you aren't getting is if the slack in the engine chain is different from that of the pedal chain then you use a tensioner on the pedal chain not the engine chain.

If you have a half link of motor chain and a half link of pedal chain laying around odds are with the right combination you can get this setup to work without having to use a pedal chain tensioner.

I am not trying to offend you in anyway. If you aren't understanding it is probably due to me not being able to put down my thoughts here in a clear way. Sorry.
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