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Default Re: loose clutch = useless bike

alright, all good advice and i'll try to answer or address everyone...
oldspeed: it is a new setup with probably around 100 miles, i've ridden it pretty hard in the last 2 weeks to get it there though
corgi: yea it have tightened it every time without the clutch handle pulled in
bairdoco and bikeguy: i am now insisting that the cable is not slipping neither from the cable stop or being jammed in the casing IT IS AS TIGHT AS IT WILL EVER GET
wildemere: that sounds like it could be promising, would love to get some more information

i don't mean to be a little ***** on here, especially since i don't know too much about bikes but the issue i am having doesn't seem to be understood completely i don't think... my kill switch is out of commission so i kill the bike every time by simply easing off the clutch, maybe this is doing something...

continuously trouble shooting....thank you everyone for all the help and hope to hear more
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