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Default Re: 66cc Chinese engine mpg?

I've been getting about 76-82 mpg so far and I started out with a 24:1 ratio for 1st tank then switched to a 32:1 ratio (and go the ~76 mpg). I've run it WFO for quite a bit of it's life so far and all total about 9+ hrs on the engine and ~170 miles. I just filled up with 50:1 and will see how that works for a few tanks. I was hoping for 100+ mpg as I can get a Kawasaki Ninja 250 that will get 70+ mpg, go freeway speeds and is much more reliable than these so I'm a tad disappointed.

I'm sure it (mpg & mph) will get better as the days go on and this has been a really fun project so not all is lost. :-)

(I checked my plug last night (@32:1) and it was dry, a few small bits of crud build up near the metal bar that comes out over the electrode. The electrode was black but some areas of the metal case were almost metallic looking (not covered with soot) so I'm thinking the 50:1 ratio should make the plug look just about perfect. I'll check & see after about 20 miles.
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