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Default loose clutch = useless bike

hello all. this is my second attempt to fix this issue of my loosening clutch (i could be phrasing this wrong) and hopefully you all know how to fix a beginners ride.

let me explain what is happening... when i first started riding the bike, everything we working wonderfully, but as time expired when i pulled the clutch handle it didn't disengage the clutch (put the engine into what i think is neutral) therefore i came to a jerky halt when i had to slow down. this also puts me at a disadvantage because i cannot get it started at all when i have no neutral because i am unable to get enough speed to drop the clutch.

what i did to fix the problem... i loosened the screw in the brass stop, pulled the clutch line taunt, and slid in the clutch arm until it was snug. having done this, the bike was running like a champion thoroughbred. but alas the same problem occurred... the arm needed to the pulled even further in to disengage the clutch (or put the engine in neutral) and i again had to tighten the cable.

this is the 4th time i am having to tighten this wire and i don't know how much further i can even pull the clutch arm. i have a couple of buddies who got bikes that i assembled and they are not having this issue at all.

last time someone mentions the flower nut on the right side of the engine but i was cautioned by some guys who know what they are talking about. any ideas or suggestions or even stories are welcome and needed, hopefully i addressed the problem fully and we can figure this out and i can get back on the road, thanks
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