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In this post Norman shows you the internals of the carb. You need to read it an familiarize yourself with it then you might want to try moving the clip ONE notch and riding your bike and see what you think. And then MAYBE try another slot and TEST RIDE ETC. Looking at that spark plug I think you are running lean so you should start with moving the clip DOWN 1 slot to increase fuel to air mixture....
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i also moved the 'c' clamp to the lowest position in the carborator...isn't that suppose to give the most oxygen in the mix? i don't think i'm getting maximum combustion...lots of oily black on plug...and i mixed 4oz 2 cycle oil with 1 gallon gas, that's the right mixture, right?
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no, someone told me to move it down i did, then i went down 2...when i get home (at work now, goofin off ) I move it up and post back
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here's the guy MISTERIGHT2_99!!!
Read the first paragraph one more time CAREFULLY!!!!!!!
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