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i haven't built a motored bike yet, but i have read every single page of this forum,some of them more than once. so you can tell i am definetly interested in building a bike! the only thing holding me back is this cold ohio weather. i've been retired for 10 years now and have spent most of my time fixing other peoples lawnmowers and tinkering with old motorcycles. i like to more or less bring them back to life.i have a nice 24x40 building that right now is jam packed with old lawnmowers and stuff that come spring i'll be getting rid of all of it. i want to set up my shop for doing some of the things i've read about on this forum. i'm sure glad i found this site! i probably won't be sending out any pictures 'cause i can't make heads or tails of the information about how to post pictures.i just did learned how to turn a computor on,thanks to my son. also every letter in this post is typed with one finger. but at least i'm trying. well anyway,hello to all you guy,s out there and keep on doing what make's you happy. that's what i'm going to be doing. later, george
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