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Originally Posted by 2door View Post
I think it would be interesting to hear how you came about this bike. Where did you find it? What were your thoughts when you first saw it and do you know any history about it? Take a few minutes from your restoration work and tell us something about this thing.
Thanks Tom,

I was searching eBay for parts for various 'old-school' motorcycle (70's honda twins), bicycle (pre-60's racing bikes) and sports car (70's Porsche's) projects that I currently have going.

One of my tactics for eBay searches - is to look for 'deals' where items are somewhat 'hidden' by slight miss-categorizations.

I ran across this motor-bike listed under 'Transportation; Collectibles; Vintage' an area mostly full of old train sets and tin toys.

It was also listed as 'Pick-Up Only' (no shipping) So that always limits the bidding, esp; given that the bike was in rural, southern Indiana. I have a weekend lake house in central Indiana that's was within 3 hours so I bid.

I wanted this thing bad enough to waaaay over-bid at the last second , to insure that I didn't get outbid. Luckily I got it for much less than I was willing to pay ( the sellers low/reserve).

The seller described it as a 'barn find' (another general term I use for eBay searches) and knew little or nothing about it.

But with the addition of one belt it runs!

For me it was a 'love-at-first-sight', 'must-have' primarily because of it's odd-ball, home-brewed engineering and fabrication. The creator definitely took their effort seriously as there are many smart little details to this build that are responsible for this thing being in running condition 50/60 years on.

I've lived in France at one time where 50+ year-old front-engined velosolex bikes are still putting around and I've always thought the front engine position was cool just because it's different.

As Indiana was once the home of a lot of small engined farm and garden implement companies (Southbend, Wheel Horse, etc) there are a lot of engine rebuilders/collectors there including one I know who will give this 3 hp Clinton engine a go-through.

I raced road bikes as a USCF Cat3 racer for 25 years and have built, restored, and upgraded dozens of bikes over the years, so the mild restoration that this 'bike' needs will fit easily into my personal skill-set.

I won't be tackling any "restoration work" on this until we get a consistent +40 degree weather here in the midwest as my garage is weakly heated.
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