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Originally Posted by stuartracing View Post
Stay away from the 110v version
Originally Posted by stuartracing View Post
WOW, I didn`t say anything sucked but I did intially by the 110v version and didn`t too much care for it myself.....Some people have it and seems to work for what they need it for....I think it was like $89 on sale, so I just boxed it back up and swapped it for the 220v flux core dual mig model#94164......JMO...
(110v dosen`t suck)I use 110v`s all day long in my home,LOL......
Maybe the HF 110v might suck for others to use.....
Sorry, I was paraphrasing. Your initial "stay away" is what I summed up as sucking. Thanks for the clarification. I know that some 110v welders are great machines. Don't know anything about HF welding equipment other than hoods, tips, and such. That is some good info. My dad was looking at buying the 110v HF. I will pass along your findings to him. He didn't want to spend $300 or so for a Lincoln or better name brand. Kind of funny to me, he was a welder through his entire working career and would use almost nothing but Lincoln. Now that he's not a "prefessional tradesman" he will settle for less.
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