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Default Re: Pull Start for 80cc chinese engine

Originally Posted by bluenosegoat View Post
I was just on my way home and noticed a strange sound coming from the clutch cover. Turns out I have broken the small bevel gear. I have the sbp shift kit so I'm thinking that I may have kicked it over to hard and caused the damage. Makes me think about a pull start. I understand the overall quality isnt going to be the best but any one else have one, and how is it holding up? Are they hard to pull with 68.5 cc slant head engine? I like the idea of a pull start but of course dont have money to burn on garbage. Another thing with BGF I've had nothing but good experiences with them. I've ordered several engine kits and misc parts and love the super fast shipping.

My first pullstart on a new motor,the rope snapped after 20-30 pulls.I got a replacement a few weeks ago,since then no problems.Mine starts up usually on the first or second pull..You have to pull the rope straight up gently as someone else mentioned else where.You can always replace the rope with a lawnmower pull rope for $2-3 There's also a recoil deal in the plastic piece (inside the cover) that can be replaced with a quality one if need to be.

They are a nice advantage to have though especially when you don't want to pedal
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