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Default Re: favorite 2-stroke oil and mix

Originally Posted by Homeless Bob View Post
Quick question. Has anyone ever experimented with Duralube or Slick-50 type additives?

I've used Duralube in VW's and my Jeep for years and believe it really does work... would love to give the new 2 Smoker I'm about to buy the same "added protection"... or is it not that important?
Slick-50 is pure snake oil. I'm not familar with duralube and can't comment about it. Your best bet for an additive that really works is castor oil. If you should ever overheat your engine, castor oil is converted to a dry lubricant at 650 deg F. This dry lubricant will protect your motor while its running in the red. You must Nrun degummed 1st press castor oil which won't gum up your engine with gunk and varnish. I've run various blends of castor over the past 4 years. Sometimes I run 50/50 (castor/synthetic), sometimes I run 25/75, and sometimes I run 100/0 castor/syn ratios at 4 oz total oil per gallon.

Here is the FTC complaint against duralube.

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