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I run mine 100:1. I run the little packages like your picture to 1.3 (U.S) gallons.My chopper I switched over from a different oil.My jackshaft bike has been running opti2 from day one.I think it runs the best at 100:1. When I first started running it in my chopper I was just like you.I ran it at about 80:1 and oil was dripping out of my tailpipe.Just go with a 100:1 ........your going to end up there anyways.The package can be a little difficult to read on the mixture.It says 1 package to 1 liters of gas.! 1 liters of gas equals 1.3 U.S gallons. Hope this helps. There has been pages after pages on this subject.All I can say is i run it 100:1 and will never go with anythingelse in any two strokes I own (weedeaters,blowers, ect...).
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