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Default Re: favorite 2-stroke oil and mix

I run 91 octane no ethanol fuel to Ams Oil Dominator oil mixed 32:1 I also run 15% nitropropanol in the mix and 10% 100LL Avgas. Took a while to tune the carb right but after many quick runs and checking the plug I have it dialed in and let me tell you she screams! This is a close mix to what we run in non-circut snowmobile racing. Not a mix for amateurs but produces a lot of power. If you do wish to play around with a fuel mix like this be wary and DO NOT run to lean EVER unless you like to rebuild motors. If you wish to have more power. Take out the Avgas and the mix is perfectly safe. (note: I also machined the head and am running a higher compression) However this mix in my buddies bike who is not running high compression runs better eta's than just 91 no ethanol and dominator oil.
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