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Default Re: Tin can headlight revisited

This last photo shows the covered and hooded headlight, next to it the can light without a hood (and no leather) and finally a little mushroom can which I am going to make into a tail light... no hood and made with the same lens arrangement as the unhooded headlight. Inside it will be two circuits, one for the tail light and another for a brake light. I plan to do parallel wiring to both the little 6 volt battery box which will get tucked away behind and under the seat and also wiring to the engine magneto. If for some reason the motor quits and I am pedaling or pushing the bike I can turn lights on from the little battery pack and be visible without the motor running.
Now I have a request for a possible lead on finding red lens material. Any ideas on where to find a sheet of red hard plastic or Plexiglas? It doesn't need to be very thick or terribly strong,but I do need to be able to cut it either with a utility knife or saw of some kind. I could use colored glass, but would rather use plastic. I used to have a stained glass window business when I was much younger and can cut glass well, but small circles are a hassle and good quality red glass is very expensive to buy in a sheet. Blown red glass is costly because gold salts are used in it's manufacture. It is kind of overkill anyway for a tin can tail light. I'd appreciate a lead on where to look for lens material. Thanks.
That's about all I have to share on the subject at this time. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.
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