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Default Re: Hello MB!! New rider from Tucson

Originally Posted by AzToker View Post
Wow. Thanks for the warm welcome guys!
Tcams, Thanks for that info. Didnt know we had a shop locally.
City, I have the regualr bike with the trike kit added on. It is great beside the turning, have to lean in n go slow lol.
Been having a great time riding it to work n home the last few days. But i was pulled over today on my way back. The cop was a real cool guy, He was asking why i didnt have any lights or tail lights n all. He did ask for the proof of ownership and i told him i havent gotten it from the bike shop yet. He let that slide. But also proceed to leacture me about needing to get a moped lic with plates. I was only doing 14 mph and pedaling away. I might have to look into get a lic for it cuz i really don't feel like getting harrsed.I only gotten this bike to help me get to work n home since i don't always want to walk heh. How do i go about getting the paperwork/ title for this? I am also hearing they will take the bike if i cant prove ownership and they wont take the paperwork to get it back? I already scared they will take my bike next time, i paid good money for it.
You do not need to register it as a moped, this cop does not know the law. Print this out and carry it with you.


We are having a problem with the local law enforcement impounding bikes for no proof of ownership. We are trying to get this worked out, it's the TPD way of getting us off the road.
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