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Default Re: I need some input on this Frakenstein bike project

Hey guys thanks for finding some interest in this thread, I thought I was the only crazy one! So I have great news. Today I found something that will work perfect for a power source for the electric motor! - Harbor Freight Tools - Quality Tools at the Lowest Prices its a 800 Rated Watts/900 Max Watts Portable Generator currently in the sale ad that was sent to my home for only $109.99 now that's cheap and it also would act as a portable generator when you go on a road trip! This weighs about 40pounds and I am not sure how you can get it to ride on the bike or maybe a small trailer that could be pulled and also act as a storage compartment? Or something like a tricycle and place the generator in the basket between the two back wheels! Imagine all the types of electric motors you could use to turn the wheels like a swamp cooler motor that you can buy new for like $70.00! this setup would cost like under 200.00! for a half gas ebike. if this dont sound amazing I don't know what will.

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